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High-Quality Construction Fencing.

Whether you’ve got a building site that needs fencing, a public you need to cordon a section off, or you just need a bit of temporary extra security, we’ve got the fences to suit your needs.

Construction sites always need to be secure, for your own safety, the safety of your employees, and site visitors. Our temporary fencing supplies are high quality at a respectable cost, so it’s no surprise that so many businesses around Adelaide prefer to use us.

With years of experience supplying temporary fencing for residential and commercial projects alike, Burton Demolition has high quality, durable, and well priced fences perfect for all your needs.

We understand local temporary fencing compliance regulations, and we can help you meet your construction schedules or event requirements, saving you from potential costly delays, unwanted injury, vandalism, or theft. We have the capacity to cater to many of your needs.

All our fencing equipment is of the highest quality and well tested to meet Australian standards for the toughest of conditions, meeting all government and council requirements needed in Adelaide, so you can always trust our product.

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