Demolition made easy with Burton Demolition.

Burton Demolition provide the appropriate supervision, labour, plant and equipment and all public protection. We work in unison with customers, neighbours, council and work cover to resolve any traffic management issues to achieve successful solutions to minimise disruption to road and foot traffic.

At Burton Demoltion, we pride ourselves oour recycling habits to help the environment in the form of minimising unwanted landfill, resulting in the recycling of 97% of the demolished materials.

All materials removed from any job site are taken to an EPA-approved recycling yard, better known to most as the local tip, which is sorted and distributed through the correct channels. What can be crushed and used as clean landfill and sent to job sites as required for voids, basements, trenches etc. Any trees and green waste is mulched and sold to the local nursery, with the remainder or rubbish exposed off to Australian Standards.

Dust and noise emissions for all are effectively controlled through implementing only environmentally sensitive methods and continual monitoring of the work processes and always within all regulatory and legislative guidelines.
Demolition Types

What type of demolition are you looking for?


Burton's residential demolition can be simply defined as the removal of the total structure that is currently on residential land. This could be to remove old, decrepit dwellings or structures so that a new one can be built, or to remove a structure that is no longer needed in order to create more space.


Burtons Commercial demolition is the complete removal process of unwanted structures such as hotels, shopping centres, office buildings and other commercial assets that are situated on commercial land and CBD locations.


Burton Demolition offers a fully comprehensive partial demolition service to assist you in maintaining your existing structure while maintaining the existing dwelling.

We offer this to both commercial and residential projects.

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