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Your site sale ready with Burton Demolition.

Burton Demolition’s site cleanup team are experienced in getting your project camera-ready.

Site cleanup is not often part of a regular contractor’s job description. They will normally take away their own equipment and tools, however, getting a site ready for occupancy or photography – or in complex, multi-staged projects, the next round of work – is not quite the same thing, and it requires more work and more cleaning.

It’s a separate operation altogether, but we have just the solution if you’ve found yourself in this predicament.

Whether you’re left with someone else’s mess to clean up or you’re dealing with renovations and have too many things to move – we’re here to help. No matter the circumstances, a clean and safe site is always preferred – and if you’re selling a property, aesthetics are an absolute must.

That’s why we’ve devised a few packages to most efficiently handle your concerns.

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Site Clean Up Types

What type of cleanup are you looking for?

Construction Clean Up

Our site clean-up team are experienced in getting your project camera-ready. Our team work well with strict timelines to ensure that your deadlines and settlements are met, because we know it’s not just about a clean site – it needs to be cleaned on time.

Residential Site Cleanup

A new home can be exciting for every family – but it can be just as stressful, if everything is not handled correctly by the professionals involved.
We aim to take that stress out of the preparation of your new home or property, but doing all the dirty work for you and handing you the keys to a clean now house. We will always ensure that your site is fully prepped and clean to the highest of standards, and that you won’t be left with any stray construction waste or mess to deal with.

Commercial Cleaning

A large-scale project often comes with a large-scale cleanup operation, and we’re equipped to handle this efficiently and quickly. We will ensure that your projects stay on time and tidy, ready for any inspections or audits at a moment's notice.
With years of experience cleaning out demolition sites, construction environments, end-of-contract cleans, and more, Burton Demolition is perfectly positioned to deliver the best services possible for a clean and clear site.

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